Capenhurst Legends on Tour

Salthill Devon Carlsberg National 5 A-Side... Galway, Ireland 7th and 8th June 2007.

Here's a few pics of the Cape legends on tour, in Galway, Ireland 6th-9th june 2007. The football was a necessary diversion to keep the lads off the beer, and that lasted all of 10 minutes, so we were only off the beer for 10 minutes all week-end.  

I would like to thank Pete Kelly and everyone at Salthill Devon FC, for making all of the Cape lads extremely welcome, especially after a 10 year gap since we last played, and we hope to be back either next year or at the latest, the year after. 

I would encourage anybody, from any other football club, to experience the Salthill Devon, Carlsberg 5-a side tournament. It lasts a weekend, and is a very well organized annual tournament, and the standard is very high. Maybe a bit too high for the Legends :)

here we are getting in some pre-match practice at the airport.

i'm alright on me own thanks !!

checkin out a few bars in bar-street

just for the Blues in the team. This pic is also on (cod pieces 28).

Eyre Square... Galway centre

aaargh !!! dont ask

team talk....... and can he talk !!

athlete gettin ready

another athlete

heysey NO! you can't tackle him

Mmmm! looks like a lot of runnin around

The Legends

A fine bunch eh!

Out..... all this way for 10 minutes football

ah well

Back to the pub

A Crowd of 3000 watch the final

They'd heard the Legends got through,

that's why all of these people turned up....... ok maybe not

but look who turned up at the presentation

what a great week!!  next year? the year after ??  wait and see !!