Capenhurst Hit Spain again

A posse from the Cape committee flew to Spain to compete in a Memorial Pool match, in memory of Football club President, Brian Heyes, who sadly passed away May 23rd 2014.

There were 22 players, entered into the well organised contest. Run seamlessly by some of Brians great friends, during his time living in Spain.

And it was a fitting end to the evening, when long time, and great friend of Brians, Frank Andrews WON the trophy, playfully named the "Tosser Cup" in memory of Brians great sense of humour.

A great time was had by all, as the matches started at 4pm and went on well into the night.

The Trophy will take place annually, so it looks like we'll be there next year, damn :) !!

View the 'West Cheshire Association Football League Review' by Ray Condliffe a friend of Brians:

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Here's a few more photos from our superb break in Spain 'Click to enlarge'


A Fantastic time had by all !!  Here's to next year !!